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Some Ways That Fountain of Beauty Day Spa May Help You



It is often said that out there, somewhere exists a fountain of youth. In most cases, a large percentage of women would love to find such a wonder; looking and feeling their best for a life- time.  At Fountain of Beauty, we can help prevent and diminish skin problems. Our specialty is making your skin and body glow and feel its best. Our deep cleansing facials, along with special masks and ampoules, will help your skin improve and retain its elasticity. The skin care regimens at Fountain of Beauty are based on an individual’s current skin condition. We carry the most prestigious European skin care and body products such as the Ericson Laboratoire Skincare and Body line. These products are available exclusively at Fountain of Beauty.  The end goal of the Spa is healthy skin through every phase of life – adolescence to the later years

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